Schools are priority #1. On the City Council, I have worked to insure that our Schools receive adequate funding. As the Chairman of the Education Forward committee, I led the way in forcing a needed change in the Schools leadership. On the Council I authored the Memorandum of Understanding between the City and the Schools that paved the way for the funding/building of our new Baldwin School.

Battle & Main Streets

With Andy Harrover, I worked to renovate Battle Street making it the focus of Old Town. Now several new restaurants and other businesses have opened. The City’s investment has been repaid several times over and Manassas is becoming a regional destination for dining and entertainment. I then led the way for the recent improvements on Main Street where the City is replicating its success from Battle Street.

Help me continue my efforts
in building a better Manassas!

Economic Development

Immediately after our Schools, continued growth in our Economic Development is the key to the future success of Manassas. We must attract new businesses and help our current businesses grow so that we have jobs for our residents and to help take some of the tax burden off of our home owners. As a member (and now Chair) of the Land Use/Economic Development committee I actively work with staff and the private sector to make Manassas business friendly.

A part of this work has been my championing the City’s investment in a full-time Economic Development team. I have also worked to modernize and revitalize the City’s Economic Development Authority.

City Services

A great community must have a high level of services provided by its government. On the Council I have worked to ensure that:

  • Our award winning Police Department is fully staffed/funded including the Gang Task Force and the Internet Crime Against Children unit.
  • That Manassas maintains a very high level of services from our Public Work and Utilities departments. This means keeping our paving program current and investing in the undergrounding of utilities to improve reliability and the attractiveness of our neighborhoods.

  • I have worked for Public Works improvements including the Prince William Street project and the improvements to drainage/sewers in the Battle/Portner area.
  • That our Fire/Rescue Department is able to replace its aged fleet with a series of new vehicles.
  • A South-Side Fire Station is built as soon as practicable. Many of our residents have suffered from inferior fire/rescue response times for too long.